Tyler Karaszewski

Frequently Asked Questions About Argyle

I'm lying -- nobody's ever asked any of these questions. I wrote them and their answers before the webserver was ever available publicly. Still, the answers are correct.

What is Argyle?

It's a tiny webserver. The binary ends up under 100KB, and it will typically consume less than 1MB of memory (but can use more if you're sending lots of big files to people simultaneously).

Why did you name it "Argyle"?

It's named after a Bouncing Souls album.

Why write your own webserver instead of using Apache or Lighttpd?

Because maintaining a personal website is something I do for fun. This was more fun.

Does it support [some feature I like]?

Probably not, unless that feature is the ability to read files off disk and send them to web browsers.

What language is it written in?


Can I get the source code?


Does it have any bugs?


I found a bug, what should I do?

Let me know.

What license is the source code released under?

The "do whatever you want with it but it'd be cool if you sent me a note if you use it to let me know so that I can feel good about contributing to the world" license.