Tyler Karaszewski

This is my personal website, and as such, it contains links to my personal projects and various other websites on which I keep accounts. Don't expect to find too much about work here, but I currently work for Expensify. I have previously worked at Apple, Evernote, and Akamai.


Santana 22 Restoration

I had an old sailboat on the San Francisco Bay that I was restoring. It became impractical once I moved out of the area, but the logs of what I did are still available here.

Surfboard Build Log

A log in which I describe the process by which I built my first ever surfboard. Includes lots of photos.

Surfboard Science

A series of articles in which I try to determine some things about how and why surfboards work, based on experimentation and theory.

Argyle Webserver

Argyle is a small webserver written in C++. It doesn't support many features, but it's the webserver on which this site runs. Source code is available. Update: As of August 2012, this site now runs as a small Node.js application.