Tyler Karaszewski

Taking Down the Mast

Last weekend I started the work to replace the standing rigging on the boat. I was going to let this wait a bit longer, but I can't get the new jib until the roller furler is on the boat, and I don't want to mount the roller furler over the old headstay, and I needed to drop the mast to replace the headstay, so I figured I'd just do everything at once. I had Jaime and my friend Andy come help with lowering the mast. With three people, everything went pretty smoothly. This first photo is Andy and I removing the boom getting the mast prepped to come down.

We used the mainsheet as a halyard extension so that we could get the halyard down to a railing above the dock, even while the mast was tilting backwards. With the halyard wrapped around the railing like a winch, lowering the mast was easy. Then we took off all the old rigging and at that point, the weather started turning bad so we put everything away for the day.

The next step with this is to do all the service on the mast. I'll clean it and wax it while it's down, I may need to replace the halyard sheaves, I need to install the halyard bracket for the roller furler, and replace the halyards. I also want to get a new windex for the top of the mast. After that, the new standing rigging gets installed and the mast goes back up. That will be the content of my next report or two.


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