Tyler Karaszewski

It Runs!

I got the engine to start today. It was easier than you might think, considering that little outboard had been sitting for quite a while. I simply pumped the bulb on the fuel line and pulled a couple times, and it started right up. It smoked, and it didn't seem to be cycling water through the engine like it should, but hopefully that's not too hard to fix. Apaprently pulling the cylinder head off of these things and cleaning them out is simple, and other than that, I have to make sure the waster intake at the base of the shaft isn't clogged. Hopefully jsut that and replacing the old fuel gets me in business.

I also tried out a product called FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover) that was recommended and seems to work pretty well. I forgot to take pictures, but I only did a couple little test spots on the boat. I'll go back this weekend and scrub the whole boat clean with the stuff, and then I'll have before and after shots showing how much better the boat looks.

I'm not really sure what to do about all the gelcoat cracks in the deck yet. The only practical solution is to paint the deck, but that's a lot of time and money and work. The other option is to just live with them. I may try living with them for a while, and if they bother me enough, paint them eventually.

Oh, and I also tested wet-sanding the topsides, and I think it'll be possible to restore the gelcoat that way rather than pianting the topsides. There are a few holes and cracks that should be patched, too, but it'll be a cheaper and better way to get the topsides shiny again.

Pictures next time, I promise.


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